What is the ‘boyfriend air theory’? Girlfriends offer remedy for TikTok problem

If you’ve come across the “Girlfriend Aether Theory” or “Boyfriend Aether Theory” on TikTok, you might be curious what that means and if it’s real.

The popularity of the video sharing platform TikTok has skyrocketed since its global launch in 2018. Although she is known for starting viral dance trends and sharing cooking hacks, she has also become a hotbed of false theories and even conspiracies.

The new year was marked by buzz on the app about the “boyfriend air theory.” For those who are confused about the meaning of this phrase, here is what you need to know.

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What is the “air boyfriend theory”?

The boyfriend air theory focuses on how the presence of a boyfriend or male partner affects their partner’s hygiene and presentability. It has been widely promoted on TikTok as a way of defining dynamics between heterosexual couples.

“You walk in with your femininity, your feminine goddess energy, you are in the presence of this man, and all of a sudden it disfigures you,” one TikTok user explained.

One of the leading theories as to why this happens is that it is based on hormones and physical contact. When you spend time at a romantic partner’s home, you make physical contact with them through touch, bed sharing, and so on. This contact can affect your skin and hair due to the transfer of oils and bacteria. It has also been proven that romantic relationships and physical attraction can affect your hormones. This means that you can expect physical changes in the presence of a partner, such as increased sweating. All of this contributes to the fact that you may not feel as clean after spending time at your boyfriend’s.

TikTok Offers Another Look at the Air Boyfriend Theory

There are some TikTok users who take a different view of this theory, arguing that it is a matter of purity and not a legitimate physical reaction.

Some point out that it may not be your partner’s presence, but the cleanliness of their home that creates “boyfriend air”. One TikTok user jokingly suggested that you “get [your boyfriend] washing powder for Valentine’s Day” if you suffer from “boyfriend”.

Others, however, have rejected this argument. They pointed out that a relationship with someone should not determine your personal hygiene. It’ just sounds like you guys can blame [boyfriend] for being rude and smelly,” wrote one TikTok user in response.

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‘Girlfriend Air’ takes center stage

Move on the boyfriend’s air, the girlfriend’s air is here to dispel all fears about the theory.

For any friend who is concerned about how being romantically involved with a man might affect their personal hygiene, here are some tips from friends who have helped their partners become better:

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