Transport VIC, NSW, QLD: Little-known road that could cost you a $500 fine divides internet

A Melbourne resident warns drivers of a little-known traffic rule that could result in hefty fines and loss of demerit points.

Lucinda McGarrity took to social media to share her experience after she was fined $500 for running a yellow light.

WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE: A forgotten traffic rule that could save you from huge fines.

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The Carlton woman said she learned “in a very dramatic way” that she could be fined for this act.

“They say you learn something new every day,” she said on TikTok on Monday.

“And today I learned that it is forbidden to drive through a yellow light unless it is 100 percent necessary.”

McGarrity said she was pulled over in front of the popular Florian restaurant on Rathdown Street.

“So it was awkward. Everyone eats salmon gravlax and tomato tartan, getting a glimpse of their entire lives,” she said.

“Which means I’m being drug tested and breath tested when I’m crying sobbing.”

McGarrity said she then received a $500 fine.

A Melbourne resident warns drivers about little-known traffic rules that can lead to hefty fines and loss of demerit points. Credit: TikTok/c1ndarella

“It was so full,” she said. “Anyway, don’t ride the yellow lights.

Since then, the video has been viewed more than 46,000 times as many TikTok users expressed their surprise at the fine.

“This is news to me!” one person said.

“How do they justify such a high fine for such a petty offense,” added another.

“Fight the fine, it’s so extreme. Try to get out!” – said the third.

However, McGarrity replied that she “wouldn’t fight it” and that she “did the wrong thing”, but added that it would be useful to know the rule for the future.

Others were surprised that so many people had no idea that you could be fined for an offense.

“How so many people don’t know this… I’m pretty sure I was taught driving lessons,” said one person.

“The comments scare me, how does no one know? That’s the whole purpose of the amber light (slow down),” added another.

According to the government of New South Wales, this offense is one of the top ten misunderstood traffic rules in that state.

Drivers can be fined for failing to stop at a yellow light, unless it is unsafe to do so, according to Transport NSW.

A yellow light is treated the same as a red light when it comes to fines, which vary slightly from state to state.

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