TikTok’s Matt and Abby are pregnant again with a second baby

TikTok power couple Matt and Abby are pregnant again in 2023! The 24-year-old couple came up with good news on a recent episode of The Unplanned Podcast, during which they revealed that the second pregnancy was “an accident.”

Abby noted that she became pregnant with her second child just four months after the birth of Griffin, the first child she and Matt had in July 2022.

The high school sweethearts got married in their sophomore year of college and became famous on TikTok for sharing updates on their daily lives as a young couple and new parents over the past couple of months.

Screenshot from an unscheduled podcast | YouTube

Matt and Abby are pregnant again

Matt and Abby revealed on the latest episode of The Unplanned Podcast that they are expecting their second child together, whose sonogram can be seen hanging in the background.

Abby said fans were looking for clues long before the good news was released. In the last video, they also shared that a second pregnancy was not planned.

As the episode progresses, they talk about preparing for their second child, while their first is less than a year old.

The couple makes it clear that they are fully aware of how reproduction works and know that the methods they used after Griffin was born weren’t completely safe.

Meanwhile, Gabby, who gave birth to her first child last year, is gearing up for the process again as her body undergoes massive hormonal changes.

In a recent episode of Unpanned Podcast, Matt’s reaction to becoming a father for the second time and the changes he began to notice in his wife before they found out they were pregnant.

Power couple TikTok – high school sweethearts

Abby and Matt didn’t plan on becoming the TikTok power couple they are known for, but they realized they were meant to be when millions of fans started showing them love and support.

Apparently, Abby planned to be a doctor and Matt wanted to work in finance, but their love of TikTok changed the course of their careers.

They gained even more notoriety when they first got pregnant, and fans couldn’t get enough of pregnancy announcements and gender-revealing videos.

In addition to vlogging about their daily lives, the duo often participate in viral trends and issues, thus attracting a wide range of fans.

At the time of this writing, their TikTok channel has around 4.9 million subscribers, and The Unplanned Podcast has around 80,000 YouTube subscribers.

Fans are showering the couple with wishes

Abby and Matt’s fans are very happy for the couple as they become parents for the second time. They flooded their videos with the sweetest wishes and messages.

Has anyone else heard Matt hint at this in the last few episodes? Like saying “during your first pregnancy”, I’m so happy for you guys,” commented one of them.

Another added: “Totally named it. Title of the podcast, Matt says “during your first pregnancy” in the first podcast, ultrasound photo, pillow in front of Abby in the last podcast. Congratulations to you two!”

“This will be the most unexpected news of the month for me! Literally so happy for you guys,” said a third fan.

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