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Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour Surprise Songs List – Billboard

Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour setlist features a surprise song that has so far been played during the mini acoustic set at every concert of the superstar tour in 2023.

Guitar in hand and making her way to the end of the podium at the opening of Eras on March 17 in Glendale, Arizona, Swift spoke about her intentions for the acoustic portion of her long-awaited live show. She will perform a surprise song that will probably not be played again on this tour.

“The plan, the goal, was to play a different song every night and never repeat one. Right? So when you hear one of them on this tour, you’ll know it’s the only time I was going to play it on an acoustic set, unless – caveat – if I don’t screw it up so badly, she said with a slight chuckle. , — that I should do it again in some other city. Wish me all the best so I don’t do it.”

The Eras Tour is her first real tour in five years, and for the first time, the prolific songwriter can perform excerpts from Beloved, folklore, forever And midnight to the sold-out crowds in the stadium.

The first night of the Eras Tour featured a career-spanning 44-song setlist spanning over three hours, with Swift performing one to eight tracks from all 10 of her full-length studio albums. The evening’s secret song of the show is sure to have her fans on their tiptoes waiting to hear which gem will be featured at their concert.

Below you can check out a list of all the surprise songs she brought with her to The Eras Tour, thanks to social media live streams and post-concert clips uploaded by Swifties in attendance. Bookmark this page as the list will be updated regularly as the tour continues.

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