Setting an ‘invisible deadline’ could protect you from dating drama

Setting Invisible Deadlines Could Be the Answer to Your Dating Problems (Photo: Getty Images/Tetra images RF)

Reliable communication and set plans have long been a scarcity in the dating world.

You know what it’s like.

You approach Hinge, they vaguely suggest meeting you on Friday, but the days go by and there is no sign of dinner being booked.

Before you know it, you’ve wasted an evening.

It’s the most frustrating thing ever, but now influencer Molly Campsey has shared her solution to making sure you never feel let down if your date fails to make real plans.

Basically, you’re setting a fake deadline that the other person doesn’t know exists. Let’s say your deadline is 12 noon on Friday, if by then they don’t get back to you with possible plans, the date is cancelled.

Anything after this deadline, too little, too late.

Molly said on her TikTok: “I’ve often met people trying to set up dates and saying ‘let’s maybe do something on Friday’ and then you don’t hear anything.

“So it’s Friday and you don’t know if you’re getting ready or what you’re doing with your night… and you’re holding on until the very last minute and it’s really stressful.

“I created a fake invisible deadline so that at noon, if I didn’t hear when we meet and where we meet, I would make my own plans and not say a word.”

Her method ensures that if they don’t text you, you have plans and don’t rely on them to keep you entertained that evening.

Molly’s method was to have this man stalking her (Photo: molliecampsie)

But if they reach out at the last minute, wanting to do something, making you feel like your last resort, then this is your chance to communicate your standards.

Molly gave an example when she used this method and it worked too well.

Her possible date informed her at the last minute on Friday night and she replied, “Hey, since I haven’t heard from you in a reasonable amount of time, I assumed you were having a weird moment, so I was planning to cook dinner for my family tonight In the evening. ‘

She attributed the text to dating coach Matthew Hussey, who playfully names a potential date, showing what a rewarding activity she was doing instead.

Boy, it worked. TikToker shared several messages he sent asking for another chance.

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