Poppers and dog shampoo – the new pumpkin spice options

Pumpkin spice season has begun and has spread beyond Starbucks lattes. The Guardian reported that “increasingly unlikely and downright gross products now offer pumpkin spice options”, including “bone broth protein, deodorant and poppers”, showed that “there is nothing that can’t be seasoned with pumpkin”. Although Americans bought more than $236 million worth of pumpkin-flavored products in 12 months, that doesn’t include “countless” pumpkin-infused household items like scented candles and dog shampoo.

US spy site pranked

US spymasters have been the victims of an insider hoax after a new logo was published on the official government website, naming flying saucers as one of the top aerial threats facing the US. The image of a flying saucer appeared on the map of the United States on the intelligence logo, but now the Office of the Director of National Intelligence has removed this image, The Times notes. An ODNI spokesperson said the “unofficial and incorrect” image was posted “erroneously”.

The purge will start next year

A self-proclaimed time traveler on TikTok claims a worldwide “cleansing” will begin next year. A user under the nickname @timevoyager reported that on January 1, 2023, the first law will be passed in the US state of Illinois, which will lead to a global cleansing. However, as the Daily Star points out, not everyone in the comments was convinced by this and other claims, such as that dragons would soon be discovered in Mexico. “At least make them believable,” they wrote.

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