Pet sitter dishes on the four dog breeds she would never own – so do you agree?

Pet sitter dishes on the four dog breeds she would never own – so do you agree?

Dogs will always be a man’s best friend, but the nanny opened up about the breeds she would never have as her furry friend.

A woman used her pet care experience to talk about four dog breeds she never got and why.

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And her TikTok video has over 470,000 views.

Her first place was taken by the Pug, a flat-faced breed known to suffer from frequent breathing problems.

“Any pug in existence right now, I just feel so sorry for them,” she said.

Dog sitter reveals which breeds she would never adopt as her furry friend. Credit: sof_ttaco/TikTok

“Their entire existence is basically hell. Their tiny skull has as many teeth as an adult Rottweiler.

“Half the time, most of these dogs can’t even breathe. It’s just awful. Why subject them to this just because they’re cute?”

The Royal Veterinary College in the UK released data in May 2022 showing that pugs, more than any other dog breed, are 54 times more likely to develop brachycephalic obstructive airway syndrome.

The data also showed that pugs are 51 times more likely to have narrowed nostrils and 11 times more likely to contract skin infections.

Dr. Dan O’Neill of the RVC said that despite the pug’s popularity, people have to acknowledge how difficult it is to keep them.

“Despite the fact that pugs are very popular as pets, we now know that several serious health problems are associated with the extreme body shape of pugs, which many people find so cute,” he said.

“Now is the time to focus on the health of the dog and not the whims of the owner when we choose which dog to get.”


In second place on the list of dog breeds that she will never become is the beagle.

“Every beagle I’ve met is a great dog,” she said.

“I just personally would not be able to give this dog the life it deserves.

She compiled the list after reflecting on her work experience. Credit: sof_ttaco/TikTok

“I don’t have time to give him the mental stimulation he needs.

“And the bark… I just can’t.

golden retrievers

“People will think I’m crazy about this,” the nanny said of her third least favorite breed, the golden retriever.

“Honestly, they have multiplied so much that by this point most of them have turned into garbage fighters.”

Despite the nanny’s opinion, the Golden Retriever was ranked 5th in Hill’s Pet Nutrition Australia’s Top 10 Most Popular Dog Breeds in 2022 after analyzing Google searches for over 470 breeds in a year.

In the 2021 list, the golden retriever was at number one.

golden drawing

The last dog on the list of dog breeders is the golden doodle – a cross between a golden retriever and a poodle.

“Literally everyone I’ve met has a problem,” she said.

Some disagreed with her latest list.

“I have a golden doodle and this is the cutest dog I have ever had,” wrote one person in the comments section.

“I will never have anything but a golden scribble again. The best dogs in the world,” said another.

“We currently have a golden doodle and she is actually very healthy and literally the best dog ever,” commented a third.

Owner’s responsibility

“Many pet owners don’t take the time to think about the responsibility of keeping a pet,” Susana Talewski of Lost Dog Shelter in Victoria told 7Life last year.

The Lost Dogs’ Home has published the most obscure reasons why people return animals in just 24-48 hours after their adoption.

They range from those who brought the cat back because “it mewed too much” to those who said their cat had “too much fur”.

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