Newcastle rental property slammed over ‘dodgy’ detail

Newcastle rental property slammed over ‘dodgy’ detail

A social media influencer has criticized a Newcastle estate agent for offering a $430-a-week rental that includes a combined bedroom and bathroom.

Known on TikTok as Rache McQueen, the influencer takes his viewers on a virtual tour of the “tricky” property being offered by property management company Leah Jay in Newcastle, New South Wales, and whips through the list.

WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE: The ‘dodgy’ detail about the $430 a week rent is revealed.

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McQueen begins her virtual tour by describing the facility as “very confusing” and explains that although it’s already on loan, she believes it still deserves a video.

“What do we call this bathroom?” she starts the video.

“Especially when it’s the only shower in the house.”

McQueen goes on to say that the $430-a-week two-bedroom, one-bath rental boasts a range of features.

At first glance, the apartment does not seem so bad. Credit: Leah Jay

However, she did not agree with one feature of the property.

“The deeper you look, the worse it gets,” she said.

McQueen shows images of the master bedroom, which has an adjoining “bathroom”.

“Look, it doesn’t sound so bad,” she said.

However, the camera pans to reveal that the bathroom is actually just a sink and shower located directly next to the bed.

“It’s not a bathroom… it’s a shower in the bedroom right next to the bed,” she said.

“Looks like it was the bathroom and they just put a bed in there.

The tenants were shocked by the combined bathroom and bedroom space. Credit: Leah Jay

“So, the person who lives in the other bedroom should come to this bedroom to take a shower… right next to that person’s bed.”

The video has since garnered over 187,000 views and hundreds of comments from other scared tenants.

“It’s dodgy who’s going to rent this shit,” one person said.

“WHAT! And is it rented out?” another added.

“How my jaw dropped in the bathroom/bedroom,” said a third.

Influencer Abby Chatfield also shared her disbelief in the proposal, leaving a comment in all caps.

“NOTHING COULD PREPARE ME,” Chatfield commented, to which McQueen replied, “It really quickly turned into a nightmare fuel city, didn’t it.”

Explanation of building standards

According to Fair Trading NSW, a set of minimum standards are applied to all rental properties to ensure they are suitable for living.

The listing contains a code that states that the facility must “have bathrooms, including a toilet and wash basins, that provide privacy for users.”

A spokesman for Fair Trading NSW told that “Prospective tenants interested in renting a property should seek confirmation from the estate agent or landlord to confirm that the building complies with relevant regulations and is approved for habitation.”

“Local councils as the housing planning authority should also be approached for confirmation of compliance if concerns exist,” they added. has reached out to Leah Jay for additional comment.

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