Moment landlord investigates ‘disgusting’ smell coming from tenant’s room

A bad smell coming from a tenant’s bedroom prompted the homeowner to document his investigation into the source of his bad smell.

On the other side of the door, she was shocked to find drawers full of dirty dishes, bulging trash bags, and cupboards full of old fast food packages.

WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE: A landlord examines a bad smell coming from a tenant’s bedroom.

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A young landlady showed a tenant’s room on TikTok after she evicted him due to complaints from her housemates.

“We had some issues with this tenant and had to kick them out,” she said in a video posted on the platform.

“I have had complaints from other residents, but this room has also been emitting a very bad smell for some time now.

“Oh my God, it smells awful.

Looking around the room, the landlady can be heard gasping in disbelief as she discovers towers of KFC, packs of Hungry Jack’s and McDonald’s on the shelves, old mugs and stacks of dirty plates filling several drawers that the hostess opens with her feet, and large trash bags crumpled in the closet. and outside the bedroom door.

A landlord investigating the source of a bad smell coming from an evicted tenant’s room was shocked to find they were hoarding rubbish. Credit: tik tak

“Trash bags everywhere. Oh god, it’s getting worse. Holy crap,” she said.

“Here are all the plates we have been missing.

“Holy cow. Disgusting.

“How do people live like that?”

The landlord said the room was furnished when the tenant moved in, but she had to throw away the mattress and linens after cleaning the space.

She said the tenant returned home to live with his mother “which would have been better.”

“I was so shocked. Poor other tenants dealing with this guy.

The large amount of rubbish and dirty dishes was called “disgusting”, but others said it reflected a possible mental illness to worry about. Credit: tik tak

Netizens were quick to point out the former tenant’s possible mental illness.

“All I can think of is, gosh, someone is incredibly depressed,” one person said.

“It’s like a real mental illness – hoarding garbage. I hope they get help,” said another.

“The fact that for some reason they felt the need to hide/accumulate all this rubbish. This person needs support, not humiliation,” said another.

The video also prompted many to share their own experiences with nightmarish tenants.

“It’s an ordinary thing for a hostel. I thought it would be much worse,” wrote one person.

“This is how the residents of my nursing home would live if we didn’t help them clean up,” said another.

“I have seen worse. Once I had to kick out a housemate. He filled the entire container with trash from his room,” said another.

A landlord examines a bad smell coming from a tenant’s room picking up trash.

A landlord examines a bad smell coming from a tenant’s room picking up trash.
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