Londoner only pays £850 a month for ‘beautiful’ flat – people can’t believe it

How is it on Earth? (Photo: TikTok/@jj02395)

People have been baffled by one man’s admission that he pays only £850 a month for a lovely huge apartment in the capital.

This including accounts.

Artist Nigel Grimmer showed a man with a camera around his apartment for a TikTok video that began with a poster asking him how much he pays in rent.

It is likely that they were standing outside Nigel’s apartment building at the time, as the windows of what appears to be a converted church match those in his living room.

Said living room is massive and bright, with wooden floors and, of course, beautiful spectacular windows overlooking the main street.

Nigel’s self-proclaimed “hoarder” has plenty of room for the souvenirs he’s collected during his travels.

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Nigel then led a tour of the spacious (at least for London) hallway to the bathroom and then to the bedroom.

Both of these spaces were also quite spacious, which makes it all the more amazing that Nigel has it all for £850 a month.

We think it might be outside his apartment (Photo: TikTok/@jj02395)

Living room (Photo: TikTok/@jj02395)

Love these windows (Photo: TikTok/@jj02395)

Nigel also collects dolls (Photo: TikTok/@jj02395)

Now, in other parts of the country, this amount of money can still bring tears.

But remember, this is the capital – a land of rooms you can’t stand in (£1,680 a month), triangular beds wedged into the corners of studios (£1,300 a month) and tiny parking spaces that cost £70,000.

Corridor (Photo: TikTok/@jj02395)

Bathroom (Photo: TikTok/@jj02395)

So for Londoners, Nigel’s rent is mind blowing.

People in the comments on the video were also stunned, with one writing: “Sorry I can’t believe this whole apartment is £850? Where is this zone 20?

Another person commented: “£850 for the whole apartment? Is this London, Ohio?

In fact,’s supersleuths have been running the case (read: googling furiously) and are almost certain that the property is actually in Bow, i.e. Zone 2.

Others have shared their theories on how this is possible.

Someone postulated, “He must have owned it or bought it years ago and has a cheap mortgage.”

However, the poster very clearly asked Nigel at the very beginning about how much his rent is each month, not his mortgage payments.

Someone else suggested, “Of course, privately rented from a friend/family member.”

While another simply joked, “Where are his five roommates?”

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