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Jonas Brothers Perform Miley Cyrus Duet ‘Before the Storm’ on Broadway – Billboard

The Jonas Brothers took to the Broadway stage Thursday (March 16) for the third night of their ongoing Broadway residency, and to celebrate the occasion, they premiered their “Before the Storm” collaboration with Miley Cyrus.

This performance marked the first time the siblings performed a cut from the 2009 album. Lines, vines and hard times since at least 2013, although they chose to only skip the first part of the song without Cyrus’ opening verse. “I don’t want to lose her / Don’t want to let her go,” shouted Nick Jonas before calling out to the audience, “Sing, come on!” and letting the overcrowded crowd sing along to the chorus.

“The ONLY part of Before The Storm that Nick could tolerate was singing lol,” a fan captioned on Twitter for the video she posted with the number. Of course, the youngest Jonas has quite a bit of history with Endless summer holidays the singer, given that they dated during their Disney Channel days as teenagers, and Cyrus allegedly based her 2008 hit “7 Things” on their relationship.

On the third night of their takeover at the Marquis Theatre, the JoBros performed their fourth studio set in its entirety, including an excerpt from the Common collaboration “Don’t Charge Me for the Crime” and Close’s live album debut Keep It a Secret.

On Friday night (March 17) they are going to highlight 2019. Happiness begins before the live premiere of their new LP, which will be released soon, AlbumSaturday (March 18).

Watch the Jonas Brothers sing “Before the Storm” without Miley Cyrus below.

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