How to make TikTok’s latest DIY trend the Kiss Hoodie

The Kiss sweatshirt has become an extremely popular DIY trend on TikTok lately, and it would make the perfect gift for your Valentine or yourself!

Girls from all over TikTok make these kiss print hoodies for their boyfriends, partners and lovers. They literally paint their lips and leave hundreds of kisses on clothes to give them to a loved one.

Here’s everything you need to know about how to make a DIY TikTok Kiss Hoodie trend.

What you need to make a TikTok Kiss Hoodie

To make a Kiss hoodie, you need to start with a simple hoodie – black or white, which works well – to use as a canvas. You can easily find it in retail stores like ASOS.

This is an arts and crafts project, so you’ll also need masking tape, white fabric paint, paint in one or more colors of your choice that aren’t too toxic to the skin, and a brush. You will also need a hairdryer.

Steps to follow the DIY trend

Making this DIY sweatshirt is actually pretty easy if you follow these steps:

  • First, using masking tape, draw a rectangle outline on the chest of the hoodie.
  • Then fill the rectangle with a layer of white fabric paint and let it dry.
  • Repeat the previous step, creating a second layer for the white base.
  • Blow dry two coats of white paint.
  • Then cover your lips with paint of the color you want for kissing.
  • Kiss the white rectangle with your lips as many times as you see fit.
  • You will have to repaint your lips several times, but be sure to wipe the paint off thoroughly when you are done.
  • Dry the paint with a hair dryer.
  • Remove the tape and display your masterpiece.

Some TikTok users then place baking paper on top of the design and press it down with an iron to make sure it is properly installed. It is also customary to spray a sweatshirt with perfume.

TikTok Kiss Hoodie Lessons

The trend has spread everywhere, with one user’s tutorial video hitting 237,000 likes. Below you can watch videos of how TikTok users make their own sweatshirts and explain how they did it:

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