Clinton turned down Queen because he wanted a curry

Bill Clinton turned down tea with the Queen in 1997 because he wanted curry, previously classified documents revealed. Buckingham Palace contacted Downing Street to say “His Majesty the Queen would be very pleased” to invite the Clintons for tea during their one-day departure from the Paris and The Hague summits. However, the Clintons responded that while they were “very grateful for Her Majesty the Queen’s invitation”, they “want to politely decline”. The briefing note stated that Bill instead expressed interest in “trying Indian food”.

The oldest tennis player in the world wants to fight Federer

97-year-old Ukrainian became the oldest tennis player in the world. Leonid Stanislavsky entered the Guinness Book of Records after playing tennis for over 50 years and credits this hobby as his longevity. He says he has no plans to stop there and wants to play against tennis legend Roger Federer on his 100th birthday.

Mom makes a face mask from breast milk

Mom made her little son a breast milk mask. Lin Ta shared the process on TikTok in a post with the caption, “When your baby has acne and you make a breast milk mask for him.” The post has since gone viral, garnering 4.2 million views. One viewer commented, “Your kid will LOVE these pictures when they turn 16 lol.”

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