Charlie Puth and Sabrina Carpenter tease new song with a kiss on TikTok

Charlie Puth and Sabrina Carpenter tease new song with a kiss on TikTok

Charlie Puth and Sabrina Carpenter announced their upcoming song together with a kiss on TikTok and fans are going crazy.

After a cryptic tweet that “something special is starting tonight,” Charlie Puth posted a TikTok that both confused and thrilled fans.

In what appears to be a teaser for what will be a racy collaboration between him and Sabrina Carpenter, the non-romantic couple share a kiss.

Charlie Puth and Sabrina Carpenter Teaser New Song

In a promotional video for their upcoming single, Carpenter and Puth play Operation in a candlelit room. Carpenter successfully extracts the heart and hands it to Puth, who says, “I always knew you had a tiny, tiny heart.”

At this point, piano music begins to play, and the clip ends just like the kiss between the Disney Channel singer and See You Again.

The TikTok title is tagged with Sabrina and reads “3.31”, fans of the date will be able to listen to the full track.

Fans reacted to the kiss

Fans reacted strongly to the kiss, with many asking for details.

A TikTok user commented, “SUPPORT WHAT JUST HAPPENED” while another said, “SORRY WHAT???!!!” A third user wrote: “IMA NEED EXPLANATION”.

Others took to Twitter to share their reactions:

Sabrina Carpenter was recently rumored to be dating Shawn Mendes.

Rumors that Carpenter was dating Shawn Mendes began to circulate after the pair were spotted together at a Miley Cyrus album release party.

A source told Entertainment Tonight that the two “see each other” and “hang out a lot,” but neither party has confirmed anything.

The Girl Meets World star and the Canadian pop singer attended the Vanity Fair Oscars afterparty but weren’t photographed together.

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