‘Audio trainspotters’ collect on-board announcements

A new form of trainspotter has emerged in the form of train announcement fans who collect records of safety, security and timetable announcements and post them on social media. The Times notes that a recent recording of “announcements aboard the Great Western Railway” posted on YouTube has been listened to over 7,000 times by music lovers in anoraks.

Tribe members compete to become the fattest

A remote tribe in Ethiopia competes in an annual competition to gain as much weight as possible. According to LadBible, Bodie men drink nothing but fresh milk and cow blood to gain weight for six months. They also abstain from sex and never leave their huts so as not to burn calories. The winner is considered a hero for life.

Cambodian authorities confiscated TikTok lion

Cambodian authorities have confiscated a pet lion that appeared on TikTok videos filmed at a villa in Phnom Penh. According to the government, the 18-month-old male was brought from abroad by the owner to be reared in his home. The Wildlife Alliance, an animal rescue NGO that helped with the raid, said the lion’s fangs were also removed along with its claws. “People do not have the right to breed rare wild animals as pets,” said Nat Feaktra, spokeswoman for the Environment Ministry.

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