Abandoned house and loft misinformation from TikTok explained

Nicola Bulli, a mother from Lancashire, has been missing for 11 days, and although rescuers call the case “incomprehensible”, a conspiracy theory regarding the abandoned house is being circulated on TikTok.

Nicola Bulli was last seen at 9:15 am on Friday, January 27, after driving her two daughters to school. She took the family dog ​​Willow for a walk along the Wire River, as she often did.

The search mission continues with the participation of divers combing the water, mountain rescuers, search dogs and helicopters, reports the BBC.

Divers call Nicola Bulli’s case ‘incomprehensible’

Peter Faulding, a diving expert involved in the case, told ITV’s Good Morning Britain: “We’re all confused about this, it’s a completely unusual case, I’ve never seen anything like it.”

The team began re-surveying the area upstream where Nikola is believed to have disappeared on February 7, after professional police divers searched it when Bulli went missing.

Fodling, who works for Specialist Group International, a specialized emergency response agency, said that when the area was previously searched, “nothing was found, which is very unusual because usually when we deal with drowning people, they go to the bottom and stay there for a while.”

He said, “If we don’t find her today, I don’t believe she’s here. I think a third party is involved.”

TikTok conspiracy about abandoned houses spreads

Despite extensive and frequently updated coverage of the Nicola Bulli case, Internet detectives have begun to offer their own theories as to what happened.

Opposite the bench where Bully reportedly went missing is a large country house seen in media reports of the case. The house, which many on TikTok claim is abandoned, has become the center of a conspiracy theory.

Some TikTok users claim that they think Nicola Bulli might be in the house. There have been TikTok posts with images of the house, likely taken from Google Images. User Dan Duffy has posted several videos in which he claims to personally check the house.

Another conspiracy theory on TikTok claims that Nicola Bulli was found in an attic in Swansea. The videos contain footage of emergency services entering the building in white hazmat suits. However, there is no explanation as to where the video came from, and there is no evidence linking it to this case.

The police reportedly searched the “abandoned house”.

According to the BBC, the police “searched an abandoned house on the other side of the river, as well as all the empty caravans nearby.”

Kev Camplin of Bowland Pennine Mountain Rescue told the Mirror: “We didn’t go into the house as a volunteer search and rescue team, we don’t actually go into buildings. We could go to the barn or something. We leave it to the police.”

“While the team was searching the area, the hostess was there for some reason, and we asked him to come in, and he quickly looked around, but she was not there,” he added.

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